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J-Lo Is Bordering On Too Sexy

While it should come as no shock to anyone that Jennifer Lopez has a new music video and it should also not surprise anyone that it's extra special sexy. I'm talking cookout in lingerie, climbing in bed with Cardi B, and J-Lo showing off her cleavage with an ostrich extra special sexy. Though, I guess for J-Lo it's just another day at the office.

We've all come to expect Jennifer Lopez has to have some pretty sexy music videos, but she might have outdone herself this time. I know that's a bold statement to make because Jennifer Lopez has a long list of sexy music videos and I'm even including music videos that she's only guest starred in. Honestly it makes me long for the days of MTV when they actually played music videos. You'd sit around all day knowing that hot new music video would play at least twice an hour. Though, having the ability to swing over to YouTube to see Jennifer Lopez being sexy it's kind of cool.

Look, I'm going to say this and be proud of it: Jennifer Lopez grilling in lingerie borders on being too sexy. It's towing the line and it's a fine line, but damn it I think we'll all go along with Jennifer Lopez in lingerie anywhere.

via Jennifer Lopez on YouTube

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