Pamela Anderson Makes Everything Clear (With A Seethrough Top)

Pamela Anderson really knows how to heat up a roast…and, not surprisingly, her strategy involves wearing a seethrough top.... read more

Blowjobs For The Shy

Camille Crimson may be feeling a little shy today…but that won’t stop her from showing off her blowjob skills. (Hey, even shy girls know that when you got it, you flaunt it.) · The Art of Blowjob... read more

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

Nikki Case... read more

Hookers With Hearts Of Gold: "UK Streetwalkers"

There is something about the delightful Eliza Doolittle/Jack the Ripper manner in which they say “Fancy a luvly fellatin’?” that endears us to British prostitutes. Not only that, but Delta White looks like a fleshier, seen-it-all Jesse Jane. In fact, it is uncanny how much Delta White looks like Jesse Jane. It is... read more

Stephy (Cosmid)

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A Peek At Perrey Reeves

Sasha Grey may be the hot new thing on “Entourage,” but we’d be quite remiss if we forgot about their existing talent. Like, for instance, Perrey Reeves, who’s certainly no stranger to the sexy. Above, a clip from Perrey’s 1994 appearance on “Red Shoe Diaries.” We’d wager she still... read more

A Sex Act So Unsung It Doesn’t Even Have A Name

We consider ourselves to have a pretty extensive sexual vocabulary: rimming, pegging, felching, and tribadism are all words comfortably located within our lexicon. But somehow, we don’t have a name for the act depicted in this video. It’s not quite a handjob, although there are hands on a penis; and it’s not quite... read more

Nikky Rider, Clara G & Peaches (Clara G)

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Vikki Blows’s Topless Trip To The Tattoo Parlor

Thinking of getting a tattoo? We recommend this parlor that Vikki Blue likes to hang out in. With any luck, she’ll still be there when you show up…and be willing to distract you during the painful tattoo process.... read more

The Peak Of Passion

Ebony Arousal... read more

Stoya: Now In Tumblr Form!

If you can’t get enough of Fleshbot Supreme Commandress Stoya, then we’ve got some good news for you. Our fearless leader has set up her very own Tumblr. And she’s using it to answer questions from commoners like us! ( [Image of Stoya courtesy of Digital Playground... read more

The Girls Of 2pm Are Wonderful ‘Round The Clock

We’ve long believed that less is more. Apparently, the powers that be at Danish modeling agency 2pm feel that way too. Their latest showcards, shot by photographer Henrik Adamsen, feature their lovely ladies stripped down to the very basics. It’s a hell of a way to make a first impression, if you ask us. · Via... read more

The New Uniform

Reina Fujii... read more

Meet Kira Ayn Varszegi, The Artist Who Paints With Her Breasts

Boobs: is there anything they can’t do? We suppose it’s possible—we’ve never seen boobs hack into a CIA databsase, or defend a dissertation—but for those of you who think that boobs can’t create art, consider yourself schooled. At left is Kira Ayn Varszegi, an artist who’s been using her... read more

Can You Tell Us How To Get To "Cougar Street"?

Somewhere in America, there’s a neighborhood full of MILF super-whores who all live on the same street: Cougar Street. Lucky for us, Robby D found them with Google satellite, and brought us their riveting and naughty tale. When McKenzie Lee asks you to fuck her ass, you do it, right then and there. Mick Blue is no dummy. He... read more

The Vice Guide To Cleavage

Our love of cleavage is pretty well documented, but it may be rivaled by that of Vito Fun, who devoted an entire photo gallery to, well, pictures of tits. We’re going to have to step up our game if we want to retain the title of Almighty Master of Cleavage Adoration. (What? It was bestowed upon us in college. While drunk. You... read more

Rope ‘Em And Ride ‘Em: Top Ten Amateur Girl-On-Top Sex Videos

There’s nothing we love more than a woman who takes control. Well, maybe redheads. And tattoos. And tattooed redheads who take control. And…but we’re babbling. A little (or a lot) of female dominance is incredibly sexy, end of story. There’s all sorts of added bonuses to women being on top. All that bouncing... read more

True Sex Stories: Intensely Good And It Makes Me Want To Fuck

“He continued to fuck me and all I could do was respond. I could feel another orgasm building, and with it the tenderness of my cunt was re-liquefying my brain.” “Do you want to do a real mean scene?” The answer was the twitch in my cunt. He put two fingers in and found that I was already wet, so he pumped... read more

Lady In Red

Photo by John B. Root... read more

Miko Lee Brings The August Heat To Juliland

It’s been a pretty hot summer so far…and if these photos are any indication, it’s about to get even hotter. Not that we mind, of course–we could never say no to Juliland’s August JGrrl, Miko Lee. · See more of Miko Lee at Juliland ( See more of Miko Lee at Juliland ( See... read more