Marital Aid Test Kitchen: Aurora Intimate Partners Kit

Nothing puts the “marital aid” in Marital Aid Test Kitchen like a doctor’s words on a sex toy’s packaging, and the Aurora Intimate Partners Kit has got that—plus an authorized signature too! Real life doctor Laura Berman says that women who use vibrators have “overall better quality of... read more

Girls on the Toilet

Since we stumbled across this collection of pics just a few days after we found out about an art exhibition in Los Angeles which shares the very same subject matter, we’re forced to declare a hot new sex trend: are girls on the toilet the new Atkins porn? Sure, there’s no nudity save for the occasional glimpse of... read more

Flesh Flicks: Japanese Nut Punchers Gone Wild!

Warning! What’ll you see after the jump is not for the faint of heart—or the faint of ‘nads. It hurts us more than you know (or maybe you do) to sit through an entire video clip of guys getting punched, kicked, and otherwise abused in the testicle region, but hey, we’re professionals. And even if the market... read more

Thongs, Thongs, Thongs!

What is it about thongs that makes them so special? A bare ass is plenty nice all by itself, but put a tiny piece of fabric over it—preferably one that doesn’t even cover the behind in question—and suddenly it takes on a whole new power. We don’t mean to get all philosophical on you, but looking at the huge... read more

Morning Wood

· Another heartwarming tale of a talent agent who discovered his next big thing while searching for porn. So our screenplay about a heroic blogger-turned-secret agent who saves the Earth from supermodel aliens still has a chance? (Defamer) · So who exactly is Ainett Stephens and why does she look so good naked? We... read more

BW Studio Photos on Flickr

We don’t know much about them or where they’re located (isn’t that what a profile is supposed to be for?), but the mysterious BW Studio boasts over 1,300 "just professional BW nudes" on his or her Flickr stream, with models as gorgeous as the photography—and while we’d love to find out more... read more

Popshots of the Week!

Meet Casey Parker. Shane’s World‘s newly-minted contract performer hails from Colorado, enjoys traveling to San Diego where she wakeboards in a thong, and looks this wholesome all the time. “I wouldn’t have sex in my personal life that I wouldn’t have on camera,” she says, and vice versa. Though... read more

Wet Spots

· The artist once again known as Prince changes his tune on Sexy M.F.ers and is now offering strippers money to not take their clothes off. Is this what he meant by Pussy Control? ( · We’re wondering why someone went through all the trouble of turning Vida Guerra into a tiger. Not that... read more

Barcelona Erotic Film Festival 2006

Ah, sunny Barceloma, home of fanciful Gaudí architecture, cutting-edge cuisine, overdecorated sex hotels … and topless pole dancers doing stage routines with a set of gymnastic rings. At least that was what was on the schedule at the 14th Annual Barcelona International Erotic FIlm Festival this week, and our friends... read more

DVD: “Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge”

Since Evil Angel porn auteur John Stagliano’s “Fashionistas” was first released back in the dark pre-Fleshbot era of early 2003, it’s became one of the best selling adult titles of all time, won several AVN awards, was turned into a live musical review in Las Vegas … and now, inevitably, spawned a... read more

More Nerdcore: Naked Gamers

Sometimes, slow news days aren’t such a bad thing: we’re not sure how we missed this either given our predilections for both classic computer hardware and semi-nekkid geekery, but as long as we’re playing catch-up today we might as well point your towards this latest collection of pics featuring sexy babes with... read more

International Glamour

Did you know that the use of the word “blue” to describe anything pornographic dates from the early 19th century? Neither did we until we looked it up five minutes ago, but the question was on our mind while we were persuing this collection of slick artsy-fashion nudes at the rather grandly named International Glamour... read more

On The Set: Rocco Siffredi’s “Hard Team”

It’s been a while since we cast our gaze eastward to see what’s going on in the Euro porn world these days, and while we were busy the last few weeks doing things like drooling over half-naked hotties closer to home it seems that porn legend Rocco Siffredi was filming some sort of extreme sports porn extravaganza... read more