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I was on top of him riding his cock and when I looked at him through my black hair, I wanted to photograph him.

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He came inside me and my hips kept grinding into the bed. His body fell beside me; I grabbed his hand and wrapped it around my throat while his hand trailed between my legs.

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It's not what you do or how you do it. It's not a move or even a technique. Forget the physical part of sex because in the root programming of your male mind, you think this is what we women want.

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He shifted himself behind me and I knew his mouth was going to press against my ear and I even knew he would suck in a small breath as well. What I didn't expect was what he was going to say to me.

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My thighs were slick with wetness and the bed was a warm puddle of my orgasms. I pushed him on his back and whispered, "I want to fuck you." His cock was full, thick and hard, as I climbed on top of him and sunk his cock inside me he let out a deep and slow, "Fuuuuck".

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My cunt has been throbbing all day. There's been a constant pain centered deep within. This happens when my mind is lost to words and thoughts that make vivid imagery haunting my psyche. It's rather overwhelming and I keep indulging in this sin.

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My phone chirped when I was about to pull off the freeway to his place, "Home now. Door is unlocked."

I had been waiting for this moment all week. Due to the nature of the beast I hadn't come since the last time with him. I was clawing at everything.

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One last tug of my hair and his mouth closed in my ear.

"I want to fuck you," he whispered.

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Everything was turned off. No lights. No TV. No nothing. The whole room was almost pitch black except for the light creeping in from behind the drapes. I didn't want any sensory distractions. I positioned myself in bed and pushed the earphones into each ear and made sure the mic piece was not shoved underneath my neck. I stared at what should have been the ceiling but I could hardly make it out. I waited. There's always a flash of nerves when I am about to get a call and it doesn't matter how many times we may have talked. I just get a glimmer of butterflies at the first ring. I suck in a deep breath and answer my phone.

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I miss sucking cock. I suppose you have to be orally fixated to understand that statement. It's like being thirsty and not being able to quench your thirst. In this case, cock in my mouth.

The last time I saw him, he was sick and I really tried to behave.

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His hand moved down my back and was headed between my legs. I grabbed his other hand and placed it at my neck. Fingers wrapped around the front of my throat just as the fingers on his other hand pushed inside hitting my g-spot. As my neck restricted and my jugular was squeezed I felt my body convulse into a very wet orgasm.

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"What do you want to eat?" he asked as we were on our backs catching our breath from morning sex.

"Hmmm," I really wasn't thinking about food and all I could think about was fucking him more.

"Persian?" he asked as he got up all of a sudden. I watched him shift down the bed and between my legs. I thought he was reading my mind but it was not quite the right reading. He parted my legs and I knew what he was going to do.

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"I should let you go home before it gets too late." He said to my lips right before we kissed.

I knew he didn't mean those words at all and I pushed my lips against his and it was a blur of making out and fucking. While his cock was buried deep inside he whispered between thrusts, "Next time we should use the plug."

"I brought it with me," I moaned back, "I want you to plug me and fuck me."

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She had wavy, brunette hair that was barely past her shoulders. Her skin was porcelain and I could tell she was mixed ethnicity when I stared into her brown, oval eyes.

She was curious.

She was nervous.

She was mine.

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i dragged my bottom lip across the skin along his back. my lips were parted, i snaked my tongue out slowly and licked his skin so lightly. i laid my head against his flesh and listened to his heartbeat as my hand trailed along his backside. i wanted him but i did not say anything, i pressed my naked chest to his flesh and my hand found its way to his cock. i was gentle, i was subtle in how i touched him. at this point i knew it was too late for anything to happen.