Falcon Men @ AEE

January 8, 2004 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


We wanted to ask Falcon exclusives Matthew Rush and Josh Weston to share some workout tips when we caught up with them at the Expo this afternoon, but the crush of fans behind us in line was too intense, so we just snapped a picture and moved along - but not before Matt told us Fleshbot was "the best!" via an autographed photo. Our first gay porn celebrity endorsement!

Josh Weston & Matthew Rush @ Adult Entertainment Expo, 1/8/04: 1
Josh Weston (site review @ AVN Online)
Josh Weston & Matthew Rush in "Deep South" (DVD review @ Frisky Fans)
Matthew Rush (gaypornstars.us)
Matthew Rush Supercock (TLA Video)
Matthew Rush (official site tour)

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