The Year in Fleshbot

December 31, 2003 | Posted in Editorial Features by fleshbotmod


It's been quite a year for Fleshbot, especially considering the fact that we've only been around for less than two months. Join us as we jump on the year-end bandwagon with a list of our most popular posts for 2003, based on number of page views and search terms that bought visitors to our archives:

1. A Week in Paris (Hilton) (Actually, the individual entries in this summary post all made it into the top ten on their own. But another rehash of all our Paris Hilton posts would make a pretty boring list.)
2. Paris Sans Culottes
3. "Lord of the G-Strings"/"Whore of the Rings"/"Lord of the Rings" Slash Art
4. Naked French Rugby Players/More Naked French Rugby Players
5. Sex Tribes
6. Vida Guerra
7. DVD Review: "Portrait of Sunrise"
8. Britney Topless/Britney Morph Porn
9. Liberated Arabs: Breanne/Breanne Exposed!
10. Sabrina/More Erotic Cosplay

We'll be dodging falling bullets and trying not to catch gonorrhea here in New Orleans this evening and taking the day off tomorrow to nurse our hangovers. Happy 2004, y'all.

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