Jade Thunderstorm Pegs and Punishes Her Sissy

October 11, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Lacy Pegging Pleasure!

Mistress Jade Thunderstorm lives in New Orleans, Louisiana and has a damn gorgeous set here for the feminization and fucking of her submissive Sissy Christmas. Thunderstorm, I am guessing, did not obtain the rights to use this particular 1980's tune for this clip which is not all that cool but wow, I love the world that this scene takes place in, otherwise. That bed! All of that furniture! Christmas is looking his lace wearing best down to the lace panties he gets taken out of to get spanked.

Thunderstorm uses a white paddle that matches her GORGEOUS white lingerie and she gets him out of his white lace panties to spank his pale sissy ass. She has a lovely white leather strap-on that she fastens around her hips and I love the lip shaped open mouth gag that she has Christmas wear here. She jams her dildo in that gag and then up his sissy asshole. There are not enough sissy clips that cross my path. Are there less of them that they used to be? What say you, dear readers?

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