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Maitland Will "Drive" You To New Heights

Gorgeous mainstream and no adult phenom Maitland Ward stars in Deeper's "Drive", a five-part feature showing on the Deeper website and in our online store. Ward co-stars in this breathtakingly good feature with AVN Hall of Famer/AVN Female Performer of the Year Angela White and the movie is directed by AVN Hall of Famer/AVN Director of the Year Kayden Kross.


Hello, Maitland! How are you doing? How are things?

"Hi! I’m really great. So happy to talk with you. This is such an exciting time for me. With the release of this big feature and other fun and creative projects I have coming up, life is good."

Congrats on your starring role in Deeper's "Drive"! What do you love most about your mystic character in this movie?

"This character is like no character I have ever played before. She’s so dark and twisted and mysterious— and highly sexual. In this cool, controlled, seductive way. Kayden Kross uses such an intricate paintbrush creating the vision of who this character is. It was a happy challenge to be able to collaborate with her to really bring something unique and unexpected out in this character— and in myself. I really feel that the core elements of this character have always been inside of me and getting to unleash them in this way, and for this film, was truly amazing."

You work a whole bunch with Angela White in this movie. How was that experience?

"Phenomenal! I can’t say enough about what a talented, kind, beautiful professional she is. We really connected and I think that’s especially what made this material so explosively come to life. She’s an extremely talented actress, so our scenes got to some beautifully dark and raw places, with Kayden leading us there. I can’t imagine doing this script with another partner. Such high praise for her."

How was being directed by Kayden Kross? What did you enjoy most about working with her?

"She is a master filmmaker. And I mean of high end mainstream proportions. Everything about this film is so beautifully and intricately crafted. From script to cinematography to character development. When I first read the script they sent me, I was blown away. I thought, this is a porn script? This could be a mainstream film in a heartbeat. And that’s a vision I have had ever since I entered the adult world. I want to bring high end production and hot sex together in a great product. This was a dream scenario for me. Exactly what I was looking to do but didn’t think was out there.  Collaborating with Kayden to bring something so dark, erotic and special to life was amazing. More than I had hoped."

What do you enjoy most about the Deeper website? It's brilliant stuff, isn't it?

"Absolutely! It’s exactly the kind of stuff I envisioned that I’d love to be a part of. Just beautiful and erotic and insanely hot. I love the seductive taboo of it. The danger and seduction and artistically stunning imagery. It‘s high art while still possessing this delicious taboo filth all at once. It’s the perfect combo."

This movie is very much about grief and grieving. What do you think that people struggle with most in letting go of things in their lives?

"Control is a big thing. We all have our guard up to a certain extent. Everyone. We’re afraid to show our vulnerability and our true selves. Especially in regards to sexuality. The constrictions society puts on us. I’ve felt that, especially when I was younger. Throughout my journey, I’ve let more and more of that go. I’ve become more confident in my own skin and sexuality. Letting go of the perceptions of who the world wants you to be versus who you want to be is huge."

So how has your time in porn been so far? Is it what you thought it would be?

"I’ve had the best experience. Of course, I’ve only worked with the best sites and people, but it’s been incredible. There are so many misconceptions about porn and porn sets. Listen, mainstream Hollywood sets I’ve been on were much crazier—and not as fun. The sets in porn I’ve been on have been so professional. The cast and crew really do put in tireless care and effort. Being in this film, we worked 14 hour days and became such a close tight knit group. I loved all of it. The time and care put into the craft and product were unbelievable. And the fact that three kick ass, powerhouse females collaborated on this and put this together is amazing and inspiring. It could teach mainstream a thing or two."

What do you think is the hottest part of "Drive"?

"Aside from all the pure fire, groundbreaking sex scenes, I think the psychological game of it. The taboo and depravity. The dangling fruit and the tasting of it. The wanting of more. My character really leads Angela down a dark and twisted path. Once she tastes what I offer, she wants more and more. And I think the audience will feel that way too."

So what else is coming up for you? What should your fans be on the look out for?

"I’ve been working with the Vixen brand on a number of things. I also have several scenes coming out from some really talented and well known directors that I can’t quite discuss yet, but I promise they will be so hot. I’m so excited that my projects are so acting and plot heavy. My fans will get to see more and more of my dramatic talents as well as me pushing the boundaries further and further with my projects. I am only at the start of what I want to accomplish."

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"I can’t say enough to my fans about how much I love and appreciate them. They are such a fierce, loyal and devoted bunch. I wouldn’t be where I am without their constant love and support. I will always give them my best."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Deeper.

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