Emma Hix and Emily Willis Find Themselves Stalked and Scared in Pure Taboo/Under The Bed's "Within"

October 10, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Pure Taboo Goes Spooky For October With Under The Bed!

Adult Time/Pure Taboo has released the first entry in their new horror porn anthology series Under The Bed. In "Within", BFFs Emma Hix and Emily Willis spend a weekend together at a cabin in the woods to relax, spend time together and help Hix heal from a bad breakup. Meanwhile, deranged hermit Michael Vegas is watching the women's every move together without either of the women knowing that they are being tracked.

The women sun themselves and rub lotion on each other, you know, to keep from getting a bad burn and they relax. Later that night, Hix and Willis watch a movie while Vegas peers in through a window. The power goes out because of a storm so the two women in the dark end up cuddling and eventually owning up to their attraction to each other. Hix has never been with another woman before so she is a bit freaked out by her attraction to Willis. Their licking and tasting session is hot but you need to see what happens when Vegas decides to make his presence known.

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