Checking In with Adult Time's "Teenage Lesbian" Star Kristen Scott

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Kristen Shines in "Teenage Lesbian"

Kristen Scott stars in the huge new Adult Time feature "Teenage Lesbian". A semi-autobiographical movie written and directed by Bree Mills, Scott plays a young woman coming of age in the 1990's and going through some interesting and very hard times as she comes to terms with her sexual identity. Here's what Scott had to say about making this movie.


Hello, Kristen! How are you? How are things going?

"I am fantastic, thank you! I really can't complain, life is good!"

Congrats on the release of "Teenage Lesbian"! How does it feel having this out in the world after all of the work that you put into it?
"Thank you so much! It is so surreal to be honest. It feels strange for me to be this vulnerable on camera, it's funny because one could say I am always being vulnerable on camera considering I spend a good amount of time naked and sharing very intimate moments with the internet, but it's just a different kind of vulnerability to showcase such serious acting. It feels really good to be getting such positive feedback from everyone, I loved this film, it means so much to me. I've never been a part of a film that's also been produced as a 'safe for work' movie, let alone submitted to film festivals. It truly feels like a dream, one that I don't want to wake up from!"

How did it feel winning the role in this production initially? This comes across as such a personal project for Bree.
"I haven't told Bree this, but I cried after she told me she wanted to cast me. She told me when I was signing for the Adult Time booth at the AE Expo in Vegas. After my shift I went up to my room, told my loved ones and cried happy tears. To be trusted with such a personal project is so meaningful to me, I am grateful that Bree gave me this opportunity."

How was working with Bree Mills to make your character into what you both felt that she should be? What was the most challenging part of the project as a whole for you?
"Bree told me every single story that influenced this project from her youth and how all of these experiences shaped her, how they made her feel, she really helped me to get to know Bree circa the 90's. I really felt like Bree trusted that I understood Sam and that I could show what it felt like to walk in Sam's shoes in her final year of high school.

I feel like the most challenging part of this project for me was trusting that the audience would resonate with me as an actress. I love acting, it's something I have always done and something that is so dear to me, but the viewers' main focus is typically the sex. The sex scenes in this movie play true to what it's actually like to be a teenage lesbian figuring out what your sexual identity means to you. There really is nothing typical about this movie. I had fears that people might feel that I took the acting too seriously or that people wouldn't understand the point of this story simply because they just wanted to see lesbian porn. It wasn't until working with Bree on 'Half His Age' that I finally understood that both sex and acting can be equally as important in porn features. Then I realized that porn is growing and changing. People want real and raw entertainment, they want to relate to characters, they want to feel something. The porn industry is starting to morph into a place where was can experience all different genres of film. We have thrillers, horror films, comedy, heart wrenching love stories, and even some porn that is comparable to reality TV. I am really proud to be a part of something that is continuing this push for growth and change in porn."

What is your favorite scene/moment in this movie?
"I honestly hate having to pick a favorite anything. I never know how to answer what my favorite food, movie, or type of music is. I love variety, I love getting the full spectrum experience. With that being said, I just love the picture that this whole film paints, I love the journey that the viewer gets to take with Sam. Visually, I really loved the two party scenes that we shot. The house party has a long continuous shot that we worked SO hard on to get, it came out beautifully. Emotionally, the opening scene really throws you into what Sam's life has been like. The fight scene with Aidra Fox was so emotional, the sex scene with Kenna James was so beautiful and real. I just can't pick one!"

What do you value most about Adult Time as a whole?
"I value the push towards revolutionizing porn. They've created a platform where it's easier for people to pay for one subscription while enjoying (my favorite thing) a variety of porn! They also produce some of the best porn features I've ever seen. Adult Time is making waves and I feel so lucky to have been a small part in that."

Whose performance in this surprised you the most? Who really knocked it out of the park with what they did in this, in your opinion?
"One of the most impactful characters on Sam's journey to self love, confidence, and just lovin' in general is Meg, played by Kenna James. We shot the most beautiful sex scene where Meg teaches Sam how to have proper sex. It's strange to describe a sex scene as wholesome but that's just what it was. It was really a scene about Sam being led into her confidence. It was so pure and innocent, Kenna was just incredible."

What 1990's thing/trend would you like to see come back after spending time with this stuff in the role?
"I want zipper pants to shorts to really make a comeback, I love being able to remove all kinds of articles of clothing. Nothing would make me happier than to include zipping off the legs of my pants in a strip tease!"

What else is coming up for you? What should you fans be on the lookout for?
"Something that I have recently been investing a lot of time and energy into is my OnlyFans! I chat with fans, send out personal content, sell panties, and make custom videos. If anyone is interested in getting personal with me they should subscribe by going to"

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"Thank you so much for all of your love and support! You guys mean so much to me, I really love getting to shoot such amazing content just for you!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time.

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