Catherine Rose Has Some Facesitting Fun

October 8, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

The Best Seat In The House Is His Face!

Amateur fem dom performer Catehrine Rose has some facesitting fun here with a very lucky submissive who gets to just recline his inked self on back while he gets to enjoy the taste, smell and sensation of his mistress' warm pussy and ass crack all over his face. She has a pair of panties on and pulled to the side and I love that. They look so good there and I love the urgency of them.

There was no time to remove those panties at all. She wanted to be on him and I am sure he loves the sensation of that fabric right there too. Those panties probably smell more like her and that is probably absolutely wonderful. He knows that he needs to use that tongue well to please his mistress and he get to watch him work his clitoral magic in her pretty slit. She controls how much of her pussy he gets to use his tongue on here and he knows not to be too greedy with his mouth.

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