Kate Kennedy Anally Fists Hot Teacher London River Over at Everything Butt

October 6, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Kate Is A Bad Schoolgirl!

Naughty schoolgirl Kate Kennedy is just not paying attention to her lessons so she is being held after school by her sexy MILF teacher London River in their brand new scene over at Kink's Everything Butt website directed by Kirin Kurai.  River thinks that she is in control of the situation in that classroom but oh, she is not. When River is not paying attention, Kennedy gets a hood over River's pretty head and whisks her away to a filthy abandoned warehouse.

River ends up handcuffed to a chair and she is outraged but Kennedy knows River's dirty secret. River is actually a complete anal slut when she is not being a mean teacher during the day time. Kennedy wants to have a go at her hot teacher's asshole. Starting with a glass dildo, Kennedy uses big and bigger toys to stretch River's asshole way wide open while River gets off on all of this anal penetration. Kennedy gets her fist up her teacher's very ready and willing asshole and Kennedy enjoys her own anal fun here too.

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