Foot Massage Fun!

October 4, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Foot and Leg Pleasure!

This loving couple has made a foot/leg fetish video for all of the internet to enjoy. The hot naked chick receives some very fine massage here from her loving man and yeah, that is just a freaking great idea if you have not made plans for you and your sweetie this weekend. Get some nice lotion or oil and give your significant other some sensual massage goodness. Have you tried a massage candle? Those are freaking amazing. You light it and warm the wax and use that warm wax to rub your partner with. It feels amazing to give or receive massage with one of those.

This clip is all about rubbing this hot lady's legs and feet and I like what he's doing for the most part. Warm the lotion in your hands first--don't just glop it on to somebody. There is some tickling here in this and some people love that. Me? Not really. I do like watching those pretty feet of hers move though and she does have hella nice legs.

Click right on the video above to watch more clips like this one right now!

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