It’s A Great Day To Rub One Out

October 3, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Solo Play Time!

"Lonelyhappygirl420" lives in Berlin, Germany and she made this clip of herself masturbating for the whole world to see. We do not get to see her face,just the bottom of her Nike shirt telling her and us all to "just do it" which is usually pretty sage advice in most situations. She is shaved and she is wet and she rubs her pussy while reclining in front of the camera. She is quiet but there is various weird, almost video game sounding music that plays while she pleasures herself.

She is most definitely wet but she does not really show us one of her orgasms, which is interesting. Maybe that is too intimate for her to share with us strangers on the Internet. We do not get to see her face, just her artistically done manicure with the yellow polish accenting her fingers as she rubs and slaps her mound. It is a really interesting video with interesting choices in it. How do you decide how much you are going to show the world of your naked and masturbating self? What lines do you draw?

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