Public Sex Fun In The College Library Bathroom!

October 2, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Love, Sweet Love!

This young couple is in college and they are paying part of their way through their higher education by making amateur porn which I think is pretty fucking fantastic. I mean, it's hard out there to make it financially and these two enterprising and horny young people have decided to make a part of their love super public for the world to see in a way that they can profit from. Wow, I was fucking all the time back when I was the age that the girl in this ids.

These two young lovers have tucked themselves away in a bathroom at their college library and they have a cell phone set up on the toilet recording their action. He is hard right away for her once he has gotten her nice and wet by jamming his hand down her shorts to rub her clit. She sucks him for a but but then she gets bent over that sink to get her pussy fucked nice and hard. This looks like a really fun day for them both.  Love just rules, you know?

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