Little Foot Princess Gets A Whole Lot Of Foot Adoration

October 1, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Royal Foot Fun!

Little Foot Princess has a very loyal, very devoted submissive on the floor underneath her in this clip. You can hear vehicles and tropical birds as he waits patiently underneath her here. She steps on his head and mouth, starting off by breathing in the scent of her small feet with her toenails all polish jet black and shiny. I love how he wears a collar and how we can't see his face at all. We get an inkling of his reactions to what she does but we don't get it all. We can imagine the man underneath.

He kisses and licks her feet and you really get a sense that this man just wants to savor the hell out of her. He will take whatever access to her feet and her foot sweat that he can get. She fucks his mouth with one of her foot and uses the other foot to clamp off of his nose. He is just filed with her feet and out of breath. Some people love breath play and I think this is an interesting way to experience that.

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