Evelyn Claire Introduces Elsa Jean To Club VXN with a Threeway Over at Vixen

October 1, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Welcome To The Club, Elsa!

Club VXN newbie Elsa Jean is super nervous about her very first hookup with the club in her brand new threeway with Evelyn Claire and Johnny Sins over at Vixen directed by Derek Dozer. Club VXN is a dating app of a sort that hooks up super hot singles with each other for anonymous hookup fun. Jean got summoned by the app and we get to see here and Claire get ready first thing in the morning for their meeting.

They are picked up in a car together and Jean is visibly nervous about what is to come. Claire soothes Jean's fears with a hot lesbian makeout session in the backseat of the car before they arrive at the mansion that is their destination. They meet Sins there and the women head eager inside, ready for more carnal pleasure. Sins is thrilled to be with these two and he happily devours the pussy of one woman while having the other ride him. He is most definitely there to get them both off and oh, he does.

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