Bailey Basilica Does Some Hot Naked Pole Dancing.

September 26, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Pretty On The Pole!

Amateur porn performer Bailey Basilica hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia and she is one of the many women in this country who has a stripper pole up in her home. She starts up topless here and wow, she has a super body. There is no music playing while she does her pole tricks and floor work and that is kind of a shame. I mean, I get not violating copyrights on other people's music by including them in your video but I just am always smitten by a woman shaking her ass to one of her favorite tunes around a stripper pole.

Damn, her ass looks fucking good here. I love how athletic she is. Her thighs are thick and nice and she does look like she would be a fun fuck. I love how her blonde hair flies when she does a pole spin and how she just is in her own thoughts while she is moving her body here. She shakes her hi0ps and aims that ass of hers right at the camera, analyzing her movements in her head.

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