Red Painful Has Some Ball Crushing Fun

September 24, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

These Boots Are Made For Crushin'!

Red Painful are a happy couple who live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and make fetish porn clips like this for the world to enjoy. She is a hot BBW and here, she has a pair of shiny leather boots on. The metal music is playing loud while the lady's true love is naked with his legs spread. His cock is mostly hard and he is all ready for what is coming his way.

She kicks him and bats his balls and cock around with those boot-clad feet of hers. I love the difference in texture between his balls and those structured, shiny boots. The heel on those boots just are killing me. Man, those look cool. This is so visually interesting and she really makes sure that we get to see her abuse his cock in different ways. I love how you can see how turned on he is by her, by this treatment and/or doing it in front of the whole world. Go watch more of them! This guy definitely wants you to.

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