Dream Factory Does A Sexy Striptease

September 23, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Striptease Temptation!

Russian amateur porn performer Dream Factory has a MILF librarian thing going on in this clip. She climbs a stepladder to get some books off of a top shelf. One falls and we get a look at her long, pretty flawless legs. She finds the thin volume of something that she wanted to read and that part of the clip ends. We do not get to see her pick up the dropped book but life does not always deliver exactly what you want every time you want it, you know?

In the living room in front of a fireplace, she pulls up her short dress in the back so that we can see one of her ass cheeks. she rubs her body for a bit and then she twists herself a bit so that she can unzip herself out of that dress. It takes her a couple of tries of get it all of the way down and she has a matching bra and panty set underneath that dress. Oooh. Coordinated. She slide the dress off of her bodyand well, that is all just nice, isn't it?

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