Young Lola Gets Off With A Rolling Pin

September 16, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Young And Into Baking!

Hottie amateur porn performer Young Lola is all by herself in this clip. she is wearing nothing but a pair of black pantyhose that has a small run in one foot. Hey, putting on pantyhose can be freaking difficult to put on sometimes. Long, girly nails plus thin hosiery can be a nightmare if you are not paying attention. Anyway, she goes ahead and takes the pressure off herself and she rips open her pantyhose so that we can see her flesh unobscured.

She uses her fingers at the beginning and the very end of this clip. After she gets herself opened up a bit, she moves on to use a rolling pin inside of herself. I really want her to use more lube for this but she seems to be digging the heck out of it. We get to see her use that rolling pin inside of herself from the front and the back. I love how I can pretend she is whoever I want her to be and I hope that you gift yourself that bit of fantasy too.

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