Bree Daniels and Kenna James Are Amorous New Roommates in Sweetheart’s "Reform School Girls"

September 13, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Lights Out Lovin'!

Super hot redhead Bree Daniels and blonde baddie Kenna James get placed together as roommates in Sweetheart Video/Mile High Media's "Reform School Girls 3" directed by Ricky Greenwood. Girl/girl lust and love between all the girls at the school is completely forbidden but feelings grow and flow naturally between the two very troubled and very trapped young women. They feel their friendship growing into something larger which is something that they have to keep hidden from everyone around them to keep themselves near each other.

One night after lights out, Daniels sneaks into James' bed. This is a huge and very risky act that could get them both in a lot, lot, LOT of trouble but the attraction between them is so strong that it makes the risk worth taking. They caress each other through their clothes before making the decision to take the plunge to taste and touch each other's bare flesh. They make an effort to keep their moans of pleasure quiet as they take turns tasting each other's young pussies. Go check out their forbidden tryst!

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