A Field Guide to Jennifer Lopez

September 12, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by tucker-bankshot

Fulfill all your wishes with J-Lo's taco flavored kisses! Jennifer Lopez is back on the big screen this weekend in Hustlers, and though she keeps her clothes on in the flick, rumor has it she's got an incredible pole dance in a thong in the film's first few minutes! J-Lo has gone nude on screen before and she's been sexy in countless other projects! Here's what you'll find in the gallery attached to the post...

J-Lo made her nude debut in the 1995 flick Money Train baring her breasts during a steamy sex scene with Wesley Snipes! Two years later, she did her only other topless scene proper in the Oliver Stone flick U-Turn!

Also in 1997, she displayed a pair of pert pokies in Anaconda, the following year she seduced George Clooney in Out of Sight, and in 2003 she was sexy as hell in the notorious flop Gigli! She also showed off her breasts in a sheer dress in the 2006 biopic El Cantante!

For her work in 2010's The Back-up Plan, J-Lo employed a pregnant body double for her nude scene, but that didn't stop it from being voted one of the most paused moments in movie history!

J-Lo went back to the boob tube for the police procedural Shades of Blue, showing lots of cleavage in bikinis, lingerie, and sometimes nothing but an open robe!

2015's The Boy Next Door found J-Lo getting seduced by her much younger neighbor, though he goes to ridiculous lengths to keep his hands over her breasts during the sex scene so she doesn't accidentally show anything! She did plenty of showing of that legendary ass in the Booty music video she filmed alongside Iggy Azalea!

We close things out with a round-up of sexy J-Lo moments from the American Music Awards, Watch What Happens Live!, the Golden Globe Awards, and the 2018 flick Second Act!

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