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Serene Is A Director Now!

Super girl/girl star Serene Siren has directed her first movie which is absolutely hella cool. "Fit Chick Clique" from Girlfriends Films stars and was directed by Siren and the movie was shot by veteran director B. Skow. It looks fucking fabulous and girl/girl fans need to pick this movie up now. Here's what Siren has to say about creating this movie.


Hello, Serene! How are you? How are things going?

"Hey Holly and Fleshbot! I am having a damn good month. Thank you for asking! Hope you are well, too."

Congrats on the debut of "Fit Chick Clique"! What made you decide that you wanted to give directing a try?
"Thank you! Yay! I am so excited about 'Fit Chick Clique' coming out and for being a popular flick so far. I had always thought directing was something I would enjoy. I studied international leadership, global management, and technical communication in school, which shows I've wanted a position where I could be in charge while still creating! I have been a coach, instructor, and mother for over a decade now, so telling people what to do has become something I enjoy. I've been a successful writer in many ways so far in my life; I've always been a storyteller. I don't think I've ever run out of ideas *knock on wood* nor have I stopped thinking of ways to make my dreams into realities."

"When I realized I could mesh all the things I love so much into one job, I knew it would be the perfect path for me. However, I didn't think I'd have an opportunity for at least another few years. I figured I would have to rack up some AVN or XBIZ awards before anyone would take me seriously as a creator, writer, leader, entrepreneur. I especially didn't expect to be be able to write movies myself and direct exactly how I wanted to this soon in my life."

"The creation of the scripts thrills me as much as anything in this industry. With my newly completed degree in writing, I am ecstatic to already be using my language skills to entertain the masses! I couldn't be more pleased with this incredible opportunity; it feels like a culmination of everything I've ever tried to manifest!"

"This is also the best time in my life to be doing this type of a transition into a full time position. I am very stable in my home life; I have fulfilled many of my own personal goals of being a model, having kids, finding a great partner, and maintaining a nice home with fertile land. I am blessed and ready to share some of my good fortune with these incredible industry women. I am super motivated to succeed and continue thriving. I have always been a self-motivated hustler with grand ambitions of being an entrepreneurial millionaire."

B.Skow did the cinematography on this. How was working with him on this project?
"I've always loved working for B.Skow! I think he's a genius and super funny/quirky. His scripts are outlandish yet best sellers that encourage the viewers to immerse themselves in the story. I have so much respect for him and how many top sellers he constantly produces, directs, and writes."

"I was a bit worried about working with him in this capacity, mostly because I didn't want to fuck anything up! What scares me more than anything, is doing something that makes him not want to work with me anymore. To disappoint him or to be removed from his roster of repeats would be devastating to me."

"B.Skow has been an excellent ally in this industry, so I want to help him by removing some of his workload while adding to his wallet with big lesbian flick hits. I know he can help me develop as a business woman, an entrepreneur, a performer, a person. It's an amazing thing to handed down someone's business baby like this, for someone to trust me enough to continue his legacy."

"I admit we worked great together this first movie. I feel like I was able to handle his criticism and apply his suggestions without unwanted emotion. I have a bit of a defensive nature, so I had to prep myself mentally before entering the set each day. I know the best way to improve is to listen to both what is right and what is wrong. He let me know when something was working and when it just looked too chaotic."

"Hopefully it stays as good as this, because it was a great ebb and flow between crew and talent. B.Skow gave me essential information and feedback throughout the movie that helped me make it better, yet he was able to be as "invisible" as he wanted to be throughout the movie. I really enjoyed how he taught me to refine my script- how to break it up and block it out. To study under such an astonishingly successful person as B.Skow and for such an incredible company as Girlfriends Films is truly a rare gift that I will always cherish."

Why did you choose to work with Girlfriends Films on this? What do you love most about the company?

"They chose me, and I am so honored they did! B.Skow must have seen something in me throughout the past couple years that he deemed worthy for such an opportunity. It certainly wasn't something I was going around asking for specifically, but I was definitely manifesting something greater like this in my own affirmations and in my life goals."

"There's so much to love about Girlfriends Films! I absolutely adore the crew; they've always treated me with respect and kept me working steadily since my first role with them. I feel that Girlfriends Films has always matched my style the most, too, in terms of role play and love making. I've enjoyed the characters and the women I have done for their site. I believe the storylines they produce are among the best, even when they're silly or strange. I am a sucker for entertaining dialogue!"

"Girlfriends Films is, and has been, one of the top sites consistently producing top 10 movies every month. The way they make lesbian porn is downright enjoyable! I relish being on their sets and am proud to represent such a successful company. I will give them my all and my best as long as they let me!"

How did you cast this movie? How did you select your performers?
"Jeeze, picking cast wasn't easy. I wanted to hire everyone! I have so many gorgeous friends in this industry, and I didn't want to leave anyone out or hurt anyone's feelings. The biggest problem was narrowing it down because I could only pick 6 girls! Luckily, the theme I chose for the first one was very niche, and automatically cut out a lot of amazing performers that didn't quite fit the bill for the 'Fit Chick Clique' theme. I had already wrestled with most of the girls I chose, which is how I knew they'd be great for this movie."

"I knew I needed actresses that would respect me in a new role as a director and not try to take over, or to give me attitude, or to change my mind about things. The women I cast (London River, Kit Mercer, Verronica Kirei, Dava Foxx, Audrey Miles) were very grateful for the roles and super excited about me directing. I picked girls that I trusted would embrace my creativity and direction with ease and excitement. I needed durable women, too, because I knew the gym was going to be hot as hell in the middle of August in Vegas!"

"I also really wanted to get some new girls on set that Girlfriends Films hadn't seen. London River and Verronica Kirei had yet to appear on a Girlfriends Films movie, so they were natural choices. I have worked with both a few times now, so I knew they had a genuine desire to eat pussy! I love a woman who really gets into it with their partner, and all of these performers made great sweaty lesbian scenes."

"With this theme, the girls had to be fit and ready to workout. I bet each of them were very sore the next day! Ariel X was my first choice, because she's a wrestling champ goddess, and also because I'd never gotten the opportunity to really do a scene like this with her! I visualized a standing 69 in our scene, and she nailed that move with utter finesse!"

"A couple of my original cast had fallen through last minute, so I got to sneak in a hot newcomer, Audrey Miles. It was her first girl/girl to release, and if you take a look at her, you know why she deserved to be a Fit Chick! I originally met her at a model house after she had left the gym. The site of that woman in workout clothes left a lasting impression on me, as I'm sure it did on the viewers. I paired her with Dava Foxx who is a solid veteran performer that I knew could show her the ropes. I've shot with Dava a couple times and thought her style and approach would complement this flick."

I'm super pleased with the women I chose for the cast. They all showed up on time and gave it their all with little to no complaints. I couldn't have been more spoiled in my first directorial experience with such go-getter pussy eaters! Each one of them were very impressive and entertaining!

What directors have inspired you most in how you made your first movie?
"Definitely B.Skow, mostly because we had to narrow down topics for what I wanted the first movie to be. When he originally offered the role of director to me, I actually thought he was joking. When I realized he wasn't being sarcastic and actually offering me something this substantial, I eagerly sent him a bunch of ideas. It took a couple conversations to really hone in on what I was doing, what my niche could be. The first script I sent him was 30 pages! He had me bring it down to under 20 pages and solidify the motifs and themes throughout the storyline."

"Ariel X was also a big inspiration, because she's the sex fight queen and an incredible female director! She runs EvolvedFights, EvolvedLez and directed for Kink's Ultimate Surrender for years. My first girl/girl as Serene Siren was for her Ultimate Surrender DVD with Cheyenne Jewel, and I immediately admired and respected her. She is a magnificent force like an entire universe contained in one impeccable person!"

"Also, DT Wrestling inspired me quite a bit for this! They do a ton of these sex fight, wrestling matches where there's pussy pinching, wedgies, shit talking. I wanted to mesh all the styles in my own way. I believe I made the sex fight genre digestible and enjoyable for the Girlfriends Films audience."

What made you choose fitness as a theme for this? What turns you on about the fitness theme?
"I think what finally finalized fitness as the theme was my overall experience and knowledge in sports and training. Most of my work the past couple years has been wrestling and fitness-fetish focused, so it seemed to be the easiest for me to muster up a decent story about it."

"One of my earliest jobs was being a gymnastics coach, then a personal trainer, and then a yoga instructor, so I knew that I could easily direct the women using my previous experience. It seemed like the shortest bridge to cross if I combined the roles with something I was already comfortable with doing like commanding women to workout! It's also a highly requested/sought-after market right now. There's ton of demand for this style of sweaty, aggressive lesbian sex that can still attain a level of believable intimacy."

"What turns me on about it is that fit women often fuck really well! A sexual athlete will go as long and as hard as it takes for their partner to be pleased! I have been a sucker for toned woman ever since I can remember, and I felt like too few movies had been made right in this realm."

How was performing and directing in scenes that you wrote? What was that experience like?

"It was freaking amazing! I loved it, even though I was more stressed out than I would be on a typical shoot. I was scared that the girls wouldn't like their roles or that they wouldn't be willing to work with me. The fear of failure and judgement was there nagging me in the back of my mind, but I convinced myself that my doubts were normal and natural."

"I always get the nervous jitters before any performance, but I actually felt more grounded than ever having the extra responsibilities of making talent feel welcomed and helping them fulfill their on-screen roles of the day. I think it was easier to star in the film while directing that day, because I was able to boss the ladies around as their coach and adapt to any issues that came around in the moment. Through the dialogue I could instruct them what to do without them having to look off screen or to cut for further direction."

"It helped that there was no corporate team I had to address for script changes, because I was able to adapt the dialogue to accommodate the needs of the location and the ladies in the moment on set. Not everything was done as written, and I think it turned out better that way. I've learned in my many jobs that the ability to adapt and react well is a priceless life skill, Problems will occur, and it's being flexible and creative within those constricting new parameters that can make or break someone."

What else is coming up for you? What should your fans be looking for?
"I have some incredible scenes coming out for Girlfriends, All Her Luv, Sweetheart Video, Girlsway, MYLF, and New Sensations soon. You can be on the lookout for my scene for Girlfriends Films with Vina Sky which I think you all will thoroughly enjoy. We did a lot of spit play that I found to be astonishingly erotic-- it will be a fun one for everyone to see!"

"I finally got booked with a MindGeek company in October that I'm super excited about. If my fans have been paying attention, I have not starred in any of their movies yet. I'm hoping this will grow my network and increase my fan base while giving me more gorgeous women to please."

"I also have the next movie that I'm directing in a couple weeks for Girlfriends Films. It's a yoga themed script that should be both spiritually and sexually enriching! Yoga has been a true passion of mine for almost a decade now. Thus, I'm hoping we can see some of the erotic kinks I've developed over time come to life while showcasing the raw talent and skill of the cast."

"If all goes well, I hope to be able to continue writing and directing for Girlfriends Films for a long time. My fans should be looking forward to me writing much more and making a lot of dreams come true for viewers and actresses alike. If all goes well, I'll be starring much less in films as an actress and much more as a director, writer, collaborator. As I age, I don't really want to remain in the talent pool of competitiveness where everything relies on looks and popularity. Retreating behind the scenes feels like a relief and has the potential of making me more of a commodity instead of becoming an over-saturated niche lesbian performer."

"I love being useful in these capacities and am excited for fans to see me as brains not just a beauty or body. I am a very horny exhibitionist, so it will be interesting to see if I still feel fulfilled being mostly behind the camera vs. in front of it. Time and experience will tell if I'm really cut out for this or not."

"I am also nervous to see how my fellow actresses and the other companies I work with receive this news. I've already seen a great divide occurring between those whom are jealous that I've begun this new journey and those whom see this as a wonderful opportunity to be cast in fun new movies for a strong, established company. Some of my fellow performers are really happy for me, and that feels great, but I've also felt a backlash of sudden non-communication from companies and performers. Many people find me under qualified or too new. That may be true, but hopefully they watch what I can do and let me win them over with my work. I was warned that this might ripple the waters, and it already has."

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"Thank you for being here for so long; From day one, Fleshbot has been tabulating my successes. I only hope to keep giving all the fans the inspiration and orgasms they so desire, while also giving the actresses the work and passionate lovemaking that they need. I wanted to say that I am truly grateful for each and every fan who has viewed, liked, and shared the work I've done thus far. I hope they stick around and tell their friends about me, so that we can all keep growing in lust, love, and light. I believe it's possible for porn to be so uplifting and appealing that it creates lasting good feelings for all involved."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Girlfriends Films. Click right here to watch "Fit Chick Clique" right now!

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