She Wants You To See Her Thong

September 9, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

You Can See Her Underwear!

You know when you can just totally see through a woman's clothing and you are not exactly sure whether you are supposed to be able to do that or not? It is the kind of thing that a lot of women check out for before they leave the house but well, for this amateur couple, this is what they go for. She is wearing a blinding white spandex bodysuit with a black lace thong underneath it and she wants the world to see her.

It is fun to watch the fabric of the thong move beneath the fabric and how her man with the camera tries to be stealthy with the camera as she walks and he shoots her walking around like this on a street somewhere in New York City. These two must be a blast to know. She does have quite the nice ass back there. I love how she has made a bunch of videos like this, showing her underwear under various items of clothing. There really is someone for everyone out there.

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