Big Anal Toy Fun!

September 5, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Big Toy Fun!

The blonde Euro camgirl is quite the overachiever when it comes to her toy play. She is so funky and cool with her braids and her glasses and I love that she is singing along to the music that she has playing while she works her cam room for her viewers/fans. Her pussy look so damn tiny but it is not about what she has going on there. This clip is all about her backdoor and how much she can fucking open herself on up.

She has a particularly huge, awesome big red toy that she manages to get all the fucking way up into her asshole. She uses a thick white lube to get her big, big toy good and slick and she gets it inside of her in twice. We get to see her achieve this once from her front and once from the back. Her pussy looks so, so tiny with that huge toy in her butthole and that anal gape of hers probably has its very own postal code. You go, girl!

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