A Field Guide to Jessica Chastain

September 5, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by tucker-bankshot

42 year old Jessica Chastain will get another career boost this weekend when she plays Bev in the hugely anticipated Stephen King sequel IT: Chapter Two. We've been getting a boost from Jessica for over a decade now, however, and it's not hard to see why. Or, I guess it is hard, but it's obvious why she's so popular. Here's a list of the films you'll find represented in the above gallery...

Already a well-respected stage actress when she appeared in 2008's Jolene, Jessica wowed cinema audiences with her smoldering sex appeal and skinsational sapphic scene with co-star Frances Fisher!

Just a year after landing her first Oscar nomination for 2011's The Help, 2012's Lawless found Jessica winning over the heart of rough and tumble leading man Tom Hardy, and seducing the rest of us with her full frontal debut, though the lighting is less than ideal!

2013's Salomé, an Al Pacino passion project, an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's famous play "Salomé's Last Dance." Production began in 2007, when Chastain was a complete unknown, and the film was not finished until after she landed her second Oscar nomination for 2012's Zero Dark Thirty. Peep a much younger Jessica's perfect pair as she performs the Dance of the Seven Veils for a horned-up Pacino!

Jessica next went on a run of non-nude roles, though she always managed to find some time to throw some fantastic cleavage our way. For examples of this, check out A Most Violent Year, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Miss Sloane, and Molly's Game.

However, early in 2018, Jessica dared to bare once again, going topless in bed in the serious drama The Zookeeper's Wife! Any chance to catch a look at Jessica's Chest Stains is one worth taking, amirite?


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