Nacho Vidal Addresses HIV/AIDS Rumor

September 4, 2019 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Nacho Comes Forward

Porn legend Nacho Vidal released the video above on YouTube last week and the video below yesterday where he finally publicly confirms that he was the performer who tested positive the the HIV virus back in February of this year. His positive test resulted in a complete shutdown of porn production in all of Europe that lasted as long as two months in some regions and resulted in an overhaul of how testing protocols for European porn performers are done.

Vidal talks about testing positive and having his secretary notify the performers and non-performers that he had had sex with about his positive test. He also talks about paying to the performers he potentially exposed to the HIV virus take a "special test" that can confirm their HIV status within two days of exposure and that all of those performers went on to test negative on those tests.

He rages against the media contacting his family for comment on the news story about his HIV status, especially his three children.

He ends the first kinda strange video with its backing soundtrack and somber lighting by saying that he is going to make another YouTube video that will show him having his blood tested and showing blood tests proving "that Nacho Vidal ... doesn't have AIDS."

The second video as shown below has Vidal declaring that the positive test back in February was a "false positive" caused by Reiter's syndrome, known by many as reactive arthritis.

He strongly implies in this second video that he is done shooting porn as well because of the pain of living with Reiter's syndrome. He does not provide the "proof" of his HIV status that he referred to in the first video.

Best of luck to you, Nacho.



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