Monae Angel Gives Some Great Looking Head

September 3, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Inked and Really Into It!

Latina BBW Monae Angel says she is Hawaiian in the title of this clip which I mean, I would too. Hawaii is fucking awesome and who would not want to spend some time there on the giving or receiving end of an awesome blowjob? The sun,the sand, tropical drinks, pineapple and seriously fantastic head--THAT is paradise, people. These two amorous people have a ton of ink between them and she is down for giving him a whole lot of pleasure.

He is a bit nervous about being on video, I think. He is holding his cock at the base to keep him good and hard as she works her oral magic. She is really a very fine cock sucker and she uses plenty of spit to work his shaft. You can hear that she has a really great suction going with her mouth and she is absolutely dedicated to showing off how good she is at giving head in this clip. I am sold on her abilities. How about you?Is this the kind of head that you like/like to give?

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