Noomi Rapace Has a Hot New Full Frontal Scene in Angel of Mine

September 3, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by bustintheroux

Naughty Noomi Rapace is a Scandinavian actress who has been going nude for years, so we're very familiar with her thanks to Mr. Skin keeping track of her nude scenes. If she seems familiar to you, it might be because she was the star of the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo films. She was hot in those films, but that's nothing compared to her full-frontal scenes. She stars in the trippy thriller Angel of Mine and she blesses us with her black bush. In one scene, she is wearing an open robe - that happens to be thin and see-through on its own - and gives us a good look at what's between her legs.

She also has a masturbation scene in the movie, but she keeps her panties on for it. Feel free to take yours off for this.

Noomi is no stranger to nudity. She has shown off so much vag in Daisy Diamond, giving us closeup looks at her diamond. This Danish flick was about a woman who wants to be an actress but has to support her daughter and her dreams. She then performs in porn and has incredibly graphic and sexy scenes.

If you want to see more Noomi - and you should because there's a lot more to see - watch her scenes on Mr. Skin. Get yourself Rapace of Noomi!

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