Top Five Sex And Submission Scenes So Far This Year

August 29, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Great Sex And Submission Moments!

Beautiful porn stars get dominated by strong men and fucked in interesting scenarios and setups in the hot as fuck action over at Kink's Sex And Submission website. The bondage is done well and I love how far that the performers are always up for taking their roles. Director James Mogul definitely makes sure that things feel emotionally right in the domination and wow, the fucking and BDSM in these scenes are so hot and so memorable. Seriously, the scenes on this site tend to stay in my masturbatory references and you totally should go join this site so that you can have your own favorites. These five are my top picks for the year so far. Enjoy!

"American Cock: US Janitor Catches British Spy Katy Jayne"

Brit beauty Katy Jayne does her very first ever bondage/BDSM here where she plays a British spy who gets busted stealing papers from the American embassy by not that bright janitor Charles Dera. She takes her punishment super well for being an anti-' Merican spy and he fucks her, flogs her and has her pledging her allegiance to American cock. She natural tits look fucking amazing in this scene and she plays her role excellently, even when Dera is being simply over the top in his role and in his dominance. Jayne is an underrated performer and she shines here.

"Headshot Horror: Alina Lopez exploited!"

Aspiring actress Alina Lopez is super broke but knows that to make it in Hollywood, she is going to need really good headshots. Photographer Tommy Pistol offers her an expertly done shoot in exchange for her doing some promo shots with some sex toys that he sells. He pressures her down to a bra and panties and eventually, he just pushes her too far and she gets uncomfortable enough that she decides to leave the photo session. Pistol is offended and enraged and tells her that if she does not stay and please him that he will post the photos on his social media for the world to see. She ends up getting some damn rough face fucking as part of this rough sex scene and she gets her pussy fucked hard in some rough and acrobatic bondage.

"Jasmine Jae Learns a Lesson"

Criminal mastermind/British MILF superstar Jasmine Jae reneges on a deal that she has with baddie Charles Dera and Dera does not take that kind of treatment in their pairing. Dera overpowers her and takes her gun away and puts her in some hella painful bondage on the bed. Jae's big tits take a ton of abuse in this scene starting with having them bound and having alligator clamps put on them that attach to the ceiling. Every move she makes pulls them and hurts her. He uses a wand vibe to get her almost to an orgasm, he fucks her throat hard while those clamps yank her tits hard and she gets a whole lot of fine pussy fucking that she enjoys a ton. Jae loves rough sex and this scene is a treat for all.

"The Legend & The Groupie"

Inked leading man Small Hands gets typecast as a loveable, hunky rock star with a heart and cock of gold a lot in his career and here in this scene with feckless groupie Kendra Spade, Hands is not that family friendly rocker sweetie at all. Hands has seen it at all and is bored as fuck with groupies....until she takes out a pair of nipple clamps after asking him to sign her body. He fucks her throat nice and hard and chokes the hell out of her while pulling on her nipples until she yelps. She gets flogged by him and he fucks her needy groupie asshole to his pleasure in this rough and hot pairing.

"No Quit Approach: Kira Noir gets motivational fuckdown from life coach"

Beautiful Kira Noir is in a rough patch in her life. She is lonely as hell and she has a ton of personal debt. She hears an online ad for life coach Derrick Pierce and her personalized life counseling services and she decides that it is time to change her life for the better. Pierce arrives and his services are a bit more unorthodox than she had planned for. While she is bound, he makes her hold two bricks in the air while she is in a squatting position. She gets flogged into some incredible orgasms and she gets fucked her holes deep, hard and well. You can just see her glowing from all of the fine vaginal and anal orgasms she has here. This is the kind of motivational counseling that I can fully support. Holy fuck, I would buy ALL of this.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Kink.
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