A Field Guide to Carla Gugino

August 29, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by tucker-bankshot

Carla Gugino has been a dream girl since she first showed up on screens in the early 90s. She's turned men everywhere into drooling fan boys thanks to her all natural body that she loves showing off! In honor of Carla's 48th birthday today, we've put together a selection of Carla's sexiest and nakedest on-screen roles over the last twenty-plus years! Join us as we take a look back at Carla's incredible body... of work!

A scant three years after stealing the hearts of red blooded males everywhere with her turn in the Pauly Shore vehicle Son-in-Law, Carla made her nude debut in 1996's Jaded, showing off her boobs and bush in the shower before baring her buns on the beach!

Carla's next nude appearance came in the 2005 comic book adaptation Sin City, where she showed off terrific T&A in two tantalizing scenes!

2010 gave us a double dose of Carla's caboose as she bared her ass in both Elektra Luxx and Every Day!

The following year, Carla joined the cast of Showtime's Californication, showing off some amazing cleavage!

Carla headlined the 2017 Netflix Original Gerald's Game, based on the novel by Stephen King, once again showing plenty of captivating cleavage in bed!

2018's Elizabeth Harvest found Carla getting back to nudity, baring her ass several times in this intense thriller!

Finally, Carla returned to Showtime and made it Grow time when she flaunted her amazing body, briefly slipping a nip and once again giving us a great look at her ageless ass on the series Jett!


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