Top Five Hogtied Scenes So Far This Year

August 27, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

The Very Best Hogtied Moments!

The rope bondage and the BDSM play that happens on Kink's fantastic Hogtied website is produced and directed by super amazing master dominant The Pope and he is completely great at his job. Some of the most beautiful American porn stars have writhed and twisted in his bondage and he makes sure that we get to watch their every breath as they struggle, experience pain and get off a ton under his exacting control. I fucking love this site and the unwavering focus it places on these performers and their beauty. Check this site out!

"Blond MILF Cherie DeVille in Grueling Bondage Made to Endure Torment"

AVN MILF Performer of the Year Cherie DeVille is affectionately on The Pope's sites as "The Bitch Who Broke Everything" as she is a hella strong, hella passionate bud who, well, did what is implied one particularly awesome day. He has to make her ties harder and more difficult constantly because she is just so intense in her pain and pleasure responses. Wow, she cums so hard on The Pope's huge dildo in this scene when he sinks it into her wet pussy and she screams loudly from him digging into her soles with his metal knitting needle. The orgasms that she has here are loud, lush and lovely and fuck, her body is so nice.

"Brand New Ebony Slut Demi Sutra Gets Tied and Tormented"

Totally gorgeous starlet Demi Sutra looks incredible here tied up in a bunch of different positions by The Pope who really works to challenge this giggling, nervous and beautiful woman in his dungeon. She takes a whole lot of flogging here and she looks so good struggling and pulling against her ties. I love how he uses the metal hook in her pretty pussy here to really keep her from moving and every bit of pain or pleasure has her clamping herself around that metal. He takes so many orgasms from her in this scene and I love watching her sweat through all of this. The 12 pound bowling ball attached to the rope that keeps her neck rope in place? Impressive. She is wonderful bound.

"Fresh Meat: Lacy Lennon is Tied, Tormented and Made to Cum"

This scene was one that Fleshbot readers had to check out in droves and who can blame them? Redhead starlet Lacy Lennon does her very first BDSM scene here and wow, she is lovely and so naturally submissive in her experience here. He takes a ton of pain and gets all of that returned to her in orgasms and then some. The Pope is so good with her here, keeping her in line and focused on what he wants from her. I love how they interact in this scene and how vulnerable she is. It is definitely a situation that I want to see her in again.

"Joanna Angel Submits to The Pope!"

AVN Hall of Famer Joanna Angel has been someone that I personally have wanted to see in The Pope's dungeon forever. She has made her way through a lot of dungeons but not as a submissive with someone else in real control over her surroundings. She takes clothespins on her beautiful natural tits and she does some lovely suspension bondage. The Pope makes her squirt a ton from all of the fucking he gives her with the dildo on a stick and he digs in with his knitting needle and other tools on the soles of her pretty feet to make her yelp and squirm. The challenges that Angel faces here are different ones than most stars face and seeing her not in control and how she emotionally and sexually works herself through this scene. It is a treat for her fans, for sure.

"Tattooed Slut Brutalized in Bondage and has Squirting Orgasms"

Hardcore beauty Lily Lane's scene is a bit different than many here because we get to watch a bunch of the rope bondage happen and we see her react in apprehension to all of it. I love the looks on her face as she gradually realizes some of the pain/torture positions that he has in mind for her busty body. I love how she looks with that cherry red gag in her pretty mouth and how she looks around the room while all of this happens to her body. She squirts and squirt a ton from the fingering, that clit suction tool and the fucking and her big tits get a huge pair of clamps put on the nipples by The Pope to keep the pain coming. Those thick black elastic bands that get snapped on the soles of her feet? Damn, that looks painful.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Kink.

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