An Interview with Streamate Gloria L'Amour

August 28, 2019 | Posted in Pornstars by bustintheroux

This week Streamate Gloria L'Amour talked was a guest on the Mr. Skin Podcast and we were lucky to get to know her here as well. The big-boobed hottie with a perfect-for-camming body spoke with Skin Central as well to give us some insight on what camming is like for her. Listen to the latest episode of the Mr. Skin Podcast and read below to learn more about Gloria.

FLESHBOT: How did you get into cam modeling?

GLORIA L'AMOUR: I was introduced by my ex. He Used Streamate and thought my look would be perfect for the cam-model industry.

FB: How do you prepare for a day of camming?

GL: I eat a complete meal; I eat a lot. I make sure I am full from all angles. Then I listen to music; that always gets me in the mood. I am a violinist, so music is close to my heart... and tits.


FB: Any other cam models that you follow or inspire you?

GL: I follow primarily new cam models. I relate to their journey into the adult entertainment industry and know that starting out can be scary; so we have a common ground. Yet, I find inspiration within myself.


FB: What's the strangest request you've received during a cam show?

GL: The strangest request I have ever received during a cam show was to sit there and listen to music; I did absolutely nothing. Yeah, it confused me too.

FB: Most popular requests?

GL: Jump up and down, laugh uncontrollably and slap my tits!


SC: Do you interact with your fans on social media?

GL: Yes, I do. In the beginning, I was a little private, but I've learned to embrace my whore-ity.


SC: Who are your celebrity crushes?

GL: Jeff Goldblum and Jason Mamoa. I love my men tall and long!

SC: Do you have a favorite nude or sex scene from a Hollywood movie?

GL: Yes. Monster's Ball, the "Make Me Feel Good" scene!


Click here to follow Gloria on Twitter and click here to visit her on Streamate!

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