Nicole Loyd Loves Bouncin’ and Smokin’

August 26, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Bouncing and Puffing!

Amateur porn performer Nicole Loyd is nineteen and she is lip synching as part of her performance in this clip. She only has the one "L" in her last name but she is all about taking both titties out of that very sensible t-shirt bra and giving us all some bounce to watch as she lip synchs along with her favorite hip hop tracks. She has a cigarette that she is puffing on and using the punctuate her thoughts on the lyrics.

It is quite the performance and there is a whole lot to take in here, isn't there? She is quite lovely watch take that smoke in and puff it out, especially once she gets on out of that taupe bra. She is quite comfortable being watched on camera and she is casual as heck about getting out of her clothes for the internet's many strangers which always is really something to ponder, isn't it? She really has quite the wonderful natural rack. Take a minute to enjoy this funky, spunky nicotine lover!

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