Lexi Lore Finds and Fucks Her Feral Stepbrother Over at Pure Taboo

August 22, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Filthy Family Secrets!

Pretty blonde teen Lexi Lore has always been creeped out by the big house that she shares with her father in her brand new scene over at Pure Taboo directed by AVN Hall of Famer Craven Moorehead. She hears these loud, creepy sounds coming from the attic above her and she thinks that the house may be haunted. Her late mother and her late brother's things are kept up in the attic by her father but when she talks to her father about the attic, he tells her to grow the hell up. He says that there are no such thing as ghosts and that he keeps that stuff in the attic because he doesn't want to think of it all the time. The loud sounds that she hears are just the house settling and nothing more.

Well, Lore wants to learn more about her family and confront her fears and she finally decides one day to go look up in that attic for herself. Rather than a pile of photos, Lore finds her feral stepbrother Michael Vegas. Watch all of what happens from there!

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