A Field Guide to Amy Adams

August 20, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by tucker-bankshot

One of the hottest Hollywood stars of the new millennium has to be Amy Adams. She's gone from the relative obscurity of supporting roles in major films like Catch Me if You Can and Talladega Nights to an Oscar nominated sensation who has won multiple awards and made her way into some of the biggest movies of all-time! With the ravishing redhead celebrating her 45th birthday today, we thought there'd be no better time to look back on Amy's sexiest nude scenes from throughout her career! Here's what you'll find in the gallery attached to this post!

Amy kicked off her nudity career early on when she lost her bikini bottoms in the crazy comedy Psycho Beach Party, giving us a nice look at her ass when those bottoms fly away!

After an eight year nudity hiatus, she came back with a vengeance in 2008, baring her buns once again in Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day!

Also that year, she filmed a topless scene for the comedy Sunshine Cleaning, but it got cut from the film. Thankfully it made its way onto the film's Blu-ray release, giving us our first look at Adams' apples!

2010's The Fighter earned Amy her third Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, and her see-through bra showed us just how well supported she was in the flick!

2013 found Amy in the Best Actress race for the first time, thanks to her amazing turn in American Hustle, a film that finds her baring her breasts in a sex scene and also showing off her bethonged booty and plenty of incredible cleavage in a series of sexy seventies outfits!

Amy made her way to the boob tube in 2018 in HBO's Sharp Objects, baring her left breast as she puts on a shirt in one scene, and flaunting her ass once more as she slides out of a tub and onto the floor!


Photos courtesy of MrSkin.com

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