Domme Jayne Is Totally Cheating On You

August 19, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

She's Got A Date!

Domme Jayne is an amateur porn performer who lives in Seattle Washington and she is our super hot girlfriend in this roleplaying clip. She is looking so pretty and all dressed up to get fucked right. Yeah, we apparently are not the ones who will be fucking her. She met a hot guy out at the bar and she is having him over to our home to get fucked by him. She says that we can sleep on the couch or go to our mother's house while he is here fucking her. How generous!

See, we are totally pathetic and our cocks are just terrible at satisfying her and everybody knows about it. Even the bartender laughs about how awful a lay we are. So she wants to be alone so that she can talk dirty to this new guy about how she wants to get fucked. She asks us to leave and we sort ado but she ends up having to kick us all of the way out. So I am wondering how comfy that couch is going to be...

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