Casey Calvert and Joseline Kelly Are Stepsisters in Anal Submission Over at Families Tied

August 19, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Stepsisters In Strife!

Beautiful but sad Casey Calvert is staying with her stepsister Joseline Kelly and Kelly's husband Derrick Pierce following Calvert's divorce in their brand new scene together over at Kink's Families Tied website directed by Ex Libris. Calvert is sad and vulnerable because her husband cheated on her with his personal assistant and she truly loved him. Kelly thinks that Calvert is being naive and that everybody cheats on everyone. Kelly, in fact, cheats on Pierce and she gives Calvert all the details about her affair.

Pierce has his "man cave" where he is alone with his bondage implements and he really wants to use his new straitjacket with Kelly but she just is not around or available for any of that. Calvert gets turns on by the bondage stuff and agrees to wear that stuff for him as a secret. Well, once she gets restrained, he starts demanding info on her stepsister's affair from her. He face fucks and pussy fucks some of the details on out of her and then Kelly shows up and sees Calvert. It gets a whole lot dirtier from there....

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