Check Out The Trailer For Bella Thorne’s Pornhub Premium Directorial Debut

August 15, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by holly-kingstown

Check Out Bella's Porno Vision!

TV and film star Bella Thorne has directed a video for Pornhub Premium that will debut at the Oldenburg Film Festival which begins on September 11th.

"Him & Her" stars Abella Danger and Small Hands in what Pornhub vice president Corey Price told the New York Post "is a modernistic, sexually explicit Romeo and Juliet-like depiction of two star-crossed lovers who have unbridled sexual longing for each other."

Thorne’s new project is being released as part of Pornhub's "Visionary Director's Club" series and you are going to need Pornhub Premium to check out the full project so check out the trailer above and this great interview with Thorne to see if you want to take the plunge to subscribe and see all of it once it's out. It looks pretty interesting and Hands is praising it very highly on his Twitter feed. It is pretty interesting that Thorne went from being a Disney star to making her first short film with Pornhub Premium's funding. Good for her. Hope she does a whole bunch more.

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