These Are the Hottest Nude Scenes from Season Three of GLOW

August 12, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by bustintheroux

The third season of GLOW dropped last week and dropped some seriously sexy nude scenes. The female-lead wrestling show that takes place in the 1980s is filled with tight-spandex, underwear, costume changes and gay and straight sex scenes that have women undressing. The third season is no different! Here's a quick recap of the hottest nude scenes in season three:

Alison Brie is back and more topless than ever! 

Betty Gilpin, easily one of the hottest women on TV period, gives the camera a look at her round breast when she's underneath a guy.

Shakira Barrera and Sunita Mani get together in bed. They have oral sex, they cuddle topless, and they share sexy lesbian moments that leave us drooling.

Kia Stevens showers and has a closeup of her booty as the water hits her backside. Damn, girl, that's some ass!

Geena Davis guest stars as a Las Vegas showgirl. Yes, THE Geena Davis. Check out her sexy figure in her sparkly costume.

Jackie Tohn takes the cake with her nude scenes. She shows her perfect pair more than ever before. We love her underboob in one scene as well as her straight up boobs when she has a hilarious sex scene in which a man asks her for money after. She then asks him for money. Their naked argument over who is the real prostitute in this situation is one of the best GLOW has to offer!

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