Checking In with Blacked/Television Star Maitland Ward

August 12, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by holly-kingstown

Maitland Gets Blacked!

Television star Maitland Ward has made her porn debut on Her very first scene stars Ward with AVN Best Male Newcomer Jason Luv in a gorgeously shot scene directed by Laurent Sky.

I checked in with Ward about this really big event and here's what she had to say to me.


Hello, Maitland! How are you? How are things?

"Hi! I’m doing great! This week past week has been so exciting and fun with the scene dropping. The fan reaction has been overwhelming! I love the fact that so many people enjoyed it so much."

Congrats on making your adult industry debut over at Blacked! What made you decide that Blacked was the place where you wanted to take this very important step?

"I’ve been a big fan of the Blacked and all the Vixen properties for years. And I always said if I were to shoot professionally that’s where I would want to start. At the very top! Having a team that cares so much about production and every detail was very important to me. And everything they do is so beautiful and shot with such integrity and class."

What made you decide that the adult industry was a place where you wanted to creatively express yourself?

"It’s been more a self journey of being comfortable with expressing my own sexuality and allowing myself to be free, and at the same time making my journey accessible for my fans to enjoy. I’m an exhibitionist and daredevil at heart and I love that they love me for that and support me so fiercely. I made my own content solely for quite awhile and now I want to see what I can do in the professional realm. I really never knew this is where I would end up, but looking back over the past few years there isn’t one thing I would change as to where I am right now going forward. I’m so excited for the future."

How was working with Greg Lansky and the production team at Blacked?

"I can’t say enough about what a classy, professional and top notch production it was. Greg and his team are amazing! They are so talented and take such care with everything. I’ve been in many sets in mainstream, and this was among the very best. I am so proud and happy that we were able to collaborate on such a hot scene. They really get who I am as a performer and as a person and I think it really shows though in the finished product."

How was working with AVN Best Male Newcomer Jason Luv? He is quite a favorite of the ladies....

"He’s obviously super hot and an amazing top rate performer. He is also the sweetest person. We had a lot of fun on set, aside from how obviously mind blowing the sex was. I think you can tell from the scene how much I enjoyed it!"

What goals do you have for yourself in your career in the adult industry? What would you most like to achieve?

"I definitely want to make top quality scenes that have originality, stellar production & will only get hotter and hotter, challenging me and taking me to new places. I am someone that loves to test the boundaries. I hope to keep pushing the envelope more and more. There’s so much out there to explore that I haven’t yet done."

What about taking the leap and making porn has surprised you the most? What has made you the happiest?

"I have been very fortunate to work with some great people when I first started making my own content. I was able to learn and at the same time get comfortable in front of the camera having sex and exploring. Along the way, I knew I wanted to make full professional career out of it. And now, professionally, I’m working with amazing people. It’s been so rewarding and exciting to explore my fantasies and limits. There is so much I want to do. And the fans have especially been great. I’m always blown away by the love and support they give me."

What type of scenes do you look forward to performing? Who do you most want to work with?

"Well, I always look to shoot anything that intrigues me and that the fans love! I'm a daredevil and exhibitionist. I love to shock and push limits but I want it to look amazing too. There are so many people I’d love to shoot with. I really can’t just say one or two."

So what else is coming up for you? What should your fans be on the lookout for?

"There are some really exciting scenes coming up! I can’t say to much now, but just you wait! I’m scheduling some hot stuff as we speak. So what I can say is that it’s definitely going to continue to be a great summer, and fall and winter will be just as hot, if not even hotter."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"My fans are the best! I know everyone says it but I have the most fiercely loyal and devoted, amazing people. They always come out to support me and send me so much love. I promise I will always give my best because they always give me theirs. And I promise that it’s only going to get hotter."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Blacked.

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