Checking In with Girlsway's "Roleplay With Me" Star Demi Sutra

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Roleplay With Girlsway!

Top lesbian porn studio Girlsway has released three new entries in their super "Roleplay With Me" series directed by Casey Calvert and Eli Cross. Super hot starlet Demi Sutra is the sexiest cookie selling scout of them all in her scene with Bree Daniels in this series that also stars Adriana Chechik, Riley Reid, Aidra Fox and Cassidy Klein. Here's what Sutra had to say about the fun she had in and out of that uniform.


Hello, Demi! How are you? How are things?
"Hi there! Things are so great! Thank you so much!"

Congrats on starring in the new Girlsway series "Roleplay With Me"! What do you enjoy most about performing for the Girlsway website?
"That scene was so great. Bree and I had a blast and she's so gorgeous! I really fucking love working for Girlsway. It's one of my favorite companies because I feel like they are a little family that just welcomes me in! We crack jokes all day long and when it comes to sex, we get to completely let loose and make love exactly how we want."

How was being directed by Casey Calvert and Eli Cross? What do you enjoy most about how they work creatively?
"I wish Casey would have been there because I absolutely love and respect her! She was off handling other important things but Eli was HILARIOUS. We can go back and forth naturally and with ease. I love people like that."

How was being a cookie selling scout with Bree Daniels? What do you remember most about working with her?
"Selling cookies was absolutely ridiculous. I felt adorable and was able to actually utilize my own dorky/uncomfortable personality traits as my "character" for the scene. Whats crazy about working with Bree is her eyes. They are shocking and stunning. I mean, having her beautiful perfect face looking up at me as she kissed my "cookie", (I hate me too, it's fine LOL), is something I will not ever forget."

What do you think is hottest about roleplay? What is your favorite thing to roleplay?
"I love roleplay because I'm such a nasty little freak but I'm also very shy. When roleplaying, I get to be someone else so this allows me to let go and just get really into it on the premises of it being JUST roleplay."

What have you found makes a great girl/girl scene in your experience so far?
"What makes a great girl/girl scene is chemistry. Period. You have to actually like girls."

If you could cast any celebrity in a roleplay scene with yourself, who would you choose and what would the scenario be?
"My celeb role-play fantasy, would be 90's Angelina Jolie bossing my little ass around and dominating me. Fuck, I'd do literally anything to and for her."

How do you think that couples at home could benefit from more roleplay in their sex lives?
"Couples at home should definitely roleplay at home to learn about not only themselves, but their partner's true sexuality. Sexuality changes as you grow and learn. Play with it!!!"

So what else is coming up for you? What should your fans be on the lookout for?
"I've got a lot of sexy stuff coming out! Hopefully more Girlsway scenes soon! I also have tons of sexy personal vids up and coming out on my onlyfans so they definitely need to check that out! It's!"

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"Thank you so heck much for loving me. I love the positive reaction to my curly crazy natural hair. You not only make me feel sexy, but unique. That's my jam. Much more natural hair vids "cumming" your way. Also my dad jokes will never stop so get used to it. xoxoxo"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Girlsway. Click right here to watch the Girlsway "Roleplay With Me" series right now!

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