Vicarious Vixen Enjoys Some CBT With One Of Her Submissives

August 8, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

CBT For You and Me!

The Vicarious Vixen is an Australian amateur fem dom who likes to share her adventures on the internet and here, we have her with a very special submissive who is in a chastity cage. I love the whole idea of a man who would put his stuff away in a chastity cage for me and only me. That steel cage with his cock and balls all locked up--he just had no way to really masturbate all that much, did he?

Vixen plays with his foreskin and he just gets as hard as he can get in that cage. He has not had an orgasm in three whole weeks and wow, that fucking sucks. In this video clip, she is most generous enough to allow him to go ahead and get off inside of the cage. It is most definitely not as satisfying for this man as a full on, free ballin' orgasm for this guy but hey, she as his goddess is nice enough to go ahead and give the man what he has not had for too long.

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