An Interview with Streamate RosieChaiTea

August 6, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by bustintheroux

Streamate RosieChaiTea spoke to Fleshbot about her love for cam modeling, her routine, her weirdest requests, and what turns HER on. This sexy anime-inspired hottie loves wearing colorful wigs and not many clothes and we love her for that. Continue reading to learn more about your newest crush and listen to the most recent Mr. Skin Podcast to hear more from her.

FLESHBOT: How did you get into cam modeling?

ROSIECHAITEA: My favorite thing to get off to is called hentai. I'm also an exhibitionist so its such a turn on to try and recreate that for people to see. Like, yes please! Use me like the cute anime girl you wish you had.

FB: How do you prepare for a day of camming?
R: Light meal, lots of caffeine, shower to relax, and gotta make sure my makeup is perfect. It most certainly is a ritual for me because I like to mentally prepare myself to do my best and start my day right so the rest will follow.

FB: Any other cam models that you follow or inspire you?
R: I try and show support to all my fellow models, as for the one who really inspired me when I first started camming is the lovely Vicky Jay. I always thought she was beautiful and I aspired to one day be at the top with her, plus she has tattoos which I find to be very attractive.

FB: What's the strangest request you've received during a cam show?
R: I've had many strange requests but the most memorable is probably when this guy turned on his webcam and proceeded to bend his body in the most obscure way and legit started sucking his own dick. Made himself finish and then thanked me for watching, like I didn't even know that was possible and honestly you didn't even need me.

FB: Most popular requests?
R: Deepthroating blowjobs.

FB: Do you interact with your fans on social media?
R: Best place for that is my twitter @RosieChaiTea (follow me *cough*) or if they find my twitch, sometimes I play video games with them as well.

FB: Who are your celebrity crushes?
R: Ezra Miller and Kali Uchis!

FB: Do you have a favorite nude or sex scene from a Hollywood movie?
R: Definitely, the scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Black Swan

Follow Rosie on Twitter and visit her website here!

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