Bunny White Has Some Topless ASMR Fun

August 5, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

ASMR In Action!

Bunny White is a brand new amateur porn performer and she is all about having ASMR fun for the world on the internet. She uses the white ear buds and their microphone to make all sorts of sounds for us and wow, she is dedicated to her newfound craft. She drools on mike and she sucks on it and blows on it. It is interesting hearing how all of that sounds and she definitely keeps working the mike and her body making different sounds.

She has damn fine tits and I love her pretty pale skin. She goes ahead and it looks like she thinks about taking those lace panties off for a minute but that does not happen. She just runs the mike down into her panties for a bit and she let us all hear what she has going on. She also makes one of my favorite sounds ever which is the sound of a woman slapping her own ass cheek. It is such a good sound and it really gives you a sense of what that ass would feel like in your hand.

Click on the video above for more ASMR from White right now!

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