Mary J Gives Us Some POV Facesitting Realness

August 1, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Facesitting Fun!

Mary J does not show her face here but she gives us close up views of a lot of her in this hot and short clip. She is wearing a navy blue, crisply ironed and starched skirt and a lovely pair of thigh high stockings. Underneath that skirt, she is wearing black lace panties. She has pale skin and she is just a fucking lovely, lovely woman.I love getting this closeup view of her most private bits and how we do not get to see her face. You can make her anyone you want her to be in your head.

I love the closeup view and I let my mind wander to how she smells and how she tastes. Just take a minute to be quiet and enjoy her body. we get super close to her lace panties. Think about how the texture of that lace would feel on your face or under your fingers. She would be all puffy and warm underneath those panties. She is completely bald and you know her skin would be so soft. Breathe deeply. Exhale and enjoy her.

Click on the video above to watch more of J right the heck now!

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