Bunny De La Cruz Is Alina Lopez’s Crush Object Over at Shape Of Beauty

August 1, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

She Wants His Mom!

Sexy BBW Bunny De La Cruz is sunbathing when her son's girlfriend Alina Lopez shows up at her home in their brand new scene together over at Adult Time's Shape Of Beauty channel directed by Casey Calvert and Eli Cross. De La Cruz has been relaxing in her bikini, trying to get a golden tan but she can tell that Lopez is upset so De La Cruz immediately gives Lopez all of her attention. Lopez says that she needs to talk to De la Cruz's son who is not home.

De La Cruz cares deeply for Lopez and offers to listen to whatever Lopez needs to talk about it, if she wants to share it. Well, Lopez is slow to disclose what is going on but she is about to break up with De La Cruz's son because there is someone else that Lopez is attracted to more. That someone is De La Cruz! Lopez is panicked by her admission and thinks that nothing can come from this crush but all De La Cruz wants is for Lopez to be happy. Caressing turns to some damn fine lesbian fun.

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