A Field Guide to Helen Mirren

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Dame Helen Mirren is among the most generous actresses in cinema history when it comes to showing skin. With a career spanning well over 50 years, she's been one of the most reliably nude actresses in that time span, and is one of the only actresses to go nude in a whopping six decades from the 1960s up to the 2010s. With the legendary blonde beauty co-starring in this weekend's blockbuster-to-be Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, we thought there was no better time than the present to take a look back at over a dozen of her best nude scenes from throughout her career!

Just two years after making her screen debut in the British flick Herostratus, Helen made her nude debut for director Michael Powell (A Matter of Life & Death, The Red Shoes) with his 1969 film Age of Consent! A 23 year old Helen gave us our first glimpse of her amazing nude body in this flick, emerging from the waters near the Great Barrier Reef completely nude, showing off every square inch of her incredible body!

Three years later, Helen worked with another legendary British director, Ken Russell, on his 1972 biopic of French sculptor Henri Gaudier-Bzrzeska, Savage Messiah! The absolute model of perfection, Helen plays Gosh Boyle, who parades through an estate in the buff, posing for the sculptor!

1975's BBC film Caesar & Claretta tells the true story of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's final days spent with his mistress Claretta, played here by Mirren. Though it's not quite up to the same quality as her previous nude work, Helen does show off her breasts in bed while canoodling with Il Duce!

Helen next took it off in another biopic of a famous madman, going fully nude for director Tinto Brass' 1979 epic Caligula! Playing Tiberia, the wife of the title character, Helen flaunts fantastic full frontal during the film's no-holds-barred orgy scene!

The following year, Helen played a high class escort in the controversial British flick Hussy, once again going fully nude in a number of skintillating scenes!

Director John Boorman's 1981 film Excalibur remains the definitive version of the King Arthur legend on film, and Helen landed the juicy role of villainous temptress Morgana! Here, Helen goes nude beneath a mesh dress, allowing her beautiful breasts to be easily seen through the sheer fabric!

The 1984 film Cal finds Helen playing a widowed British librarian who finds herself in a tumultuous affair with a member of the Irish Republican Army. We get a nice look at her buns and bush as she gets undressed to get bedded by the much younger man!

Helen made her way back to the BBC for the 1987 film Cause Célèbre, with the actress going topless in bed, once again, with a much younger co-star!

Notorious British director Peter Greenaway called on Helen to play the female lead in his controversial 1989 film The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover, one of the first films to earn the newly created NC-17 rating upon its American release two years later. Helen once again bares all, including a rare bush-only nude scene, as she and her lover get busy!

1994's Royal Deceit is a Danish-set retelling of Shakespeare's Hamlet, with Helen taking on the role of Geruth, mother of the Danish prince! Just four minutes into the flick, we get a great look at her breasts as she leaves a bathhouse!

In 1999, Helen stepped into the title role for the biopic The Passion of Ayn Rand, once more baring her beautiful breasts while getting bedded by Eric Stoltz!

As a fading Shakespearean actress seeking to revitalize her career in Italy, a 57-year old Helen kicked off the new millennium with The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, finding herself being romanced by an Italian gigolo, and flashing some fantastic full frontal in the process!

2003's comedy Calendar Girls finds Helen leading the charge among a group of women seeking to raise funds by posing topless for a calendar! It's a sweet story, made all the sweeter by the sight of Helen's hooters!

Finally, Helen made her most recent—and likely her final—nude appearance in 2010's Love Ranch, as the wife of Joe Pesci's proprietor of a brothel! Once again, Helen finds herself in the arms of a younger man, and we get one last look at Ms. Mirren's magnificent mams!


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