Desiree Dulce Pleasures A Revenge Seeking Molly Stewart Over at Brazzers

July 31, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Molly Gets Her Way!

Hardworking and super sexy star Molly Stewart comes home from a particularly hard and soul draining day at work to quite a site in her brand new scene over at Brazzers. All she wants to do is put her feet up and cuddle her boyfriend for a while but that is not how it all goes down. She comes home and her boyfriend has another woman there. This other woman is Desiree Dulce. Dulce is outside and nude on a massage table by Stewart's pool and Stewart is not OK with any of this. She boots her boyfriend out and goes outside to deal with Dulce.

Stewart decides to massage the unaware blindfolded Dulce for a while and after one spanking too many, Dulce lifts the blindfold to see Stewart there. Stewart's boyfriend had told Dulce that he was single. Well, he sure is single now and these two have some fantastic looking lesbian fun right there outside on the massage table. They both look super hot covered in oil and wow, Stewart loves the head that Dulce gives.

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